What services does the rental fee include?

The rental fee includes the following:
1. Use of Chailey Wedding Venue, for instance the main lawn and the gazebo ceremony area.
2. Free parking in front of gate or behind the Carriage house and along the paths.

Is the rental fee cheaper if we don’t book a Saturday night?

If you book a Friday or Sunday night you’ll likely get a lower rate.

Is there a damage deposit?

The damage deposit is 1000 $ and will be returned within twenty-one (21) days after the event less any charges for damages, extra time charges not arranged in advance, or other costs incurred by Chailey Property Management Inc. due to failure on the tenant’s part to abide by the policies stated in your agreement. If any damages or theft occurs to the property, the tenant will be responsible for the entire amount even if it exceeds $1000.

Are other events scheduled on the same day?

No, when you book a wedding with Chailey Estate the day is exclusively for you.

Reservations and Deposits?

Reservations for Chailey Estate Wedding Venue are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis only. Your date is held for 3 weeks until the deposit has been made. The deposit is 500$. The signed rental agreement and deposit are required to reserve a date.

Insurance certificates?

In order to evade all liability issues the tenant is required to provide a wedding liability insurance of 1,000,000 $ with This insurance must be describing Chailey Estate, 9 Spring Lane, 01950 Newburyport as the Venue name and address. A certification of insurance must be provided prior to the event.

Are there adequate restroom facilities?

You will need to rent an outdoor toilet as the Venue does not provide toilet facilities.

Can you accommodate physically challenged guests?

The Chailey Estate Event Venue is outdoor with a completely surface. Please nevertheless discuss with us any kind of special requirements you may need.