Waterfront Wedding Reception

Enjoy your wedding reception at the Chailey Estate. The highlights of the 20 acre Chailey Estate are its 700 yards water frontage which will give your wedding reception a view of the Merrimack and Sunset. Also the Chailey Mansion will be in your background you will be enjoying complete privacy as the Chailey Estate is a gated property with no adjacent neighbors. And finally you will be surrounded by trees and plants from around the world and we hope you will already feel during your visit the wonderful spirit it will contribute to your wedding reception.

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Outdoor Wedding Reception in Ma, Newburyport

Chailey Estate Wedding Venue Newburyport-redCreate your dream wedding ceremony with family and friends along the Merrimack river, in North Shore Newburyport. You will love the grounds of the historic Chailey Estate. This venue offers privacy, plush nature, and blissful serenity and is within 10 minutes from Newburyport city center. Plan your outdoor wedding reception in Ma with river view and lots of space for outdoor entertainment and activities. Escape into the history of Newburyport. Here you will experience the love and joy surrounding you as your marriage vows are taken. A very special wedding reception in Ma, Newburyport, Ma with unforgettable memories.

Wedding Reception on the Merrimack

a5Would you like your wedding to be at a picturesque location and away from the bustle and noise of town or city? Would you like a private location with a view of the Merrimack river? A Venue, that is a few minutes away from Newburyport downtown? Or would you prefer being surrounded by nature and trees from around the world? Or do you prefer commemorating in a place of historic importance?

The Chailey Estate Event Venue offers you many opportunities to make your dream wedding ceremony come alive. Placed on the main lawn of the Chailey Mansion, the last Moseley Mansion in Newburyport, the Chailey Estate boasts with an outstanding history, botany from around the world, environment and picturesque scenes. The Chailey Estate is a 20 acre estate on the Moseley Peninsula, close to Maudslay State Park. It is the last remaining Newburyport Mansion, which belonged to the esteemed Moseley Family, the previous owners of Maudslay Park.
The Chailey Estate provides complete privacy at the end of Spring Lane, one of Newburyport’s, Ma esteemed and elegant properties. Enjoy your exclusive wedding reception with a beautiful view of the Merrimack river. You will not only impress your guests, but much more importantly, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the view of a beautiful sunset over the Merrimack river and Newburyport. At Chailey Estate you will take advantage of the many romantic spaces which will inspire cherished memories and pictures.