Wedding Decoration Ideas from Brazil

Having an outdoor wedding reception and wedding ceremony is beautiful and allows so many opportunities for creativity. Recently I came across really exciting designer lights, which I thought I would like to contribute as one of the many great Wedding Decoration Ideas out there. I saw these lights on the website in Brazil. The reason why I find them exciting is the great flexibility and opportunities they give to lighting.

The Lights in the Bird Cage

When I saw this idea I realized how easily one can transform personal and make them lights for the wedding. The picture of the bird cage inspired me to look for antiques or my first bicycle and make it into a light. I thought these lights are ideal to bring alive a whole lot of new wedding decoration ideas. I’m the kind of person, who is always looking to have my personal touch and these cormilu lights are ideal to do just that.

Hanging Lights from the Ceiling

Another one of the Wedding Decoration Ideas you can do with these lights is to hang them from the tent ceiling. There are so many different ways to set them up and probably you have a quite precise idea due to your wedding theme. I like the how they contribute to having a romantic atmosphere.

As you can see on the right picture the Fio De Luz lights also are easily placed along paths or simply along the tent. I do not know where one can buy these lights in the USA. If you like these Fio de Luz lights I would love to hear your ideas, so please leave me comment.

An Overview of Wedding Decoration Ideas with the Fio De Luz Lights

These Fio De luz Lights have a whole lot of different possibilities. Before I go telling you about any more Wedding Decoration Ideas of the Fio De Luz lights, I decided to upload my favorite pictures.