Newburyport is about 45 minutes from Boston and 10 minutes from the atlantic ocean. It is one of the first settlements and has contributed in many ways in the history of the USA. Today Newburyport is a bustling city of year round activities. Restaurants and pubs with great atmosphere and delicious food, beautiful views at the Merrimack river, a year-round ice skating rink, the boardwalk, water sports, Plum Island, and much more. Here we want to put together some info on the annual events and activities:

Waterfront Boardwalk
One of the great things to do in Newburyport is simply to take a walk along the Newburyport boardwalk. -Many people enjoy to simply buy a sandwich and drink at one of the downtown delicious sandwich shops and take it to the boardwalk. Within a few steps you can reach the boardwalk and sit on one of the many benches. Watching the scenery of boats travelling the Merrimack river, fishing boats docking, the sunrise or sunset, the drawbridge and birds flying. Due to its relaxing and beautiful atmosphere you will find many people walking or relaxing here. Adjacent to the boardwalk is the Waterfront Park, where many concerts and outdoor activities take place throughout the year.

Plum Island Reservation
Just a few minutes away from Newburyport lies the Plum Island “Sandy Point State Reservation”. Sandy Point is a 77 acre park and it is one of Massachusett’s most beautiful and popular beaches. Adjacent to Sandy Point is the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, a 4,662 acre area with marshes, dunes and beaches. They are a spectacular places for kayaking, bird watching or simply taking the family to the beach. Thousands of people come here every year. Trailers and licensed fishing are permitted. The beautiful sandy beaches are great places to spend a day with the whole family.

Plum Island Reservation

Newburyport Boating
Another one of the great things to do in Newburyport is boating. The Merrimack has much to offer for boaters. You can dock in Newburyport and enjoy the historic buildings, excellent restaurans, beautiful waterfront and unique shops. There are several marinas so you should easily find a place to stay. If you want to tie up for a few hours a good idea is to dock along the Central Waterfront Boardwalk to reach the downtown in walking distance. Cartoppers, windsurfers and kayakers can launch at the ramp on Water Street. There are many creeks you can also explore, but be sure to bring your GPS so you do not get lost.

Food in Newburyport
One of my favorite things to do in Newburyport is eating out in the excellent restaurants. Fine foods and dining throughout the seasons. Newburyport is known throughout New England. Waterfront dining, romantic settings, historic settings, upscale gourmet or simply taking the food with you to the boardwalk. Not only does Newburyport have great restaurants, but also superb bakeries. You will find a great variety, from traditional breakfast diners to fancy restaurants.