Lovely Ma Outdoor Wedding Venue - Chailey Estate

Chailey Estate Ma Outdoor Wedding Venue

Getting married in the outdoors is very romantic and provides many opportunities for a relaxed atmosphere and stunning photos. The Chailey Estate is a Ma Outdoor Wedding Venue tucked away a few minutes from Newburyport Ma downtown. It provides complete privacy and has 700 yards of Waterfrontage and totals 20 acres. Please schedule a tour of the Chailey Estate and enjoy the beauty and scenery. We look forward to increase your happyness.

Ma Outdoor Wedding Venue - Chailey Estate
Ma Outdoor Wedding Venue - Chailey Estate Newburyport

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Why do many people prefer the Outdoor Wedding Ceremony? It may be because there is something so effortlessly unique and special about being outdoors in the nature while making ones marriage vows. It is not only the idea of birds singing in the trees, the sun shining down or the breeze of fresh air lightening up the spirits. The smell of grass, flowers or the tranquility of nature, they all contribute to that very special feeling one only gets in nature.

Outdoor Weddings are Good for the Soul

The Journal of Environmental Psychology published a series of studies in 2010 in which it finds, that being outside in nature makes people feel more alive. They have found, that the energizing effect even goes above and beyond the effect And that sense of increased vitality exists above and beyond the effects of physical activity and social interaction. Professor Richard Ryan, who teaches psychology at the University of Rochester says, that “Nature is fuel for the soul.” He also says, that “often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature”. If you feel like an outdoor wedding adventure in nature, please try connecting with Newburyport BluesCruise.

Ma Outdoor Wedding Venue - Chailey Estate Newburyport

The Chailey Estate is a very nature connected Wedding Venue

At the Chailey Estate there are many pathways along the Merrimack river, through the woods and in the gardens. Occasionally deers or turkeys can be seen or the bald eagles flying in the sky. There is a large variety of plants from around the world. During Spring time the driveway and some of the paths are decorated with rhododendrons and many other flowering plants. With 700 yards of water frontage it is one of the leading Wedding Venues in Ma in regards to water frontage.

The Chailey Estate Flowering of the past few years