Looking for a wedding venue with a historic setting in Boston and surrounding? Below you will find some of the wedding venues in Ma which have experienced the passing of time and have a lot of stories to tell. We hope that listing these historic wedding venues in Ma may just help you have that historic setting you are looking for.

Commander’s Mansion

The three story brick mansion overlooks the Charles River. It remains virtually unaltered since around 100 years with beautiful interior architecture and design. The Commander’s Mansion has been on the National Registry of Historic Places since January 30, 1976.

Location: Watertown

Chailey Estate

The Chailey Estate lies in Newburyport along the Merrimack river. The Chailey Mansion has in its center a Georgian Clapboard house built in 1792 with extensive renovations and additions in the 1920’s and 1940’s.

Location: Newburyport

Worcester Art Museum

At the Worcester Art Museum you can have an unforgettable entrance down the grand staircase of the Renaissance Court. The setting of the wedding reception will be in the Grand Renaissance Court. The art and architecture of the Museum provides beautiful backdrops. Your guests have access to the surrounding galleries on the first level of the Museum.

Location: Worcester